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Gran Bel Fisher Street Team Interviews

The 1st GBF Street Team Interview with Candy Selby~8/5/03...


Before we start, Jesse talks about the street team, he thanked me so much for creating it and doing it and that it meant so much to him and he couldn't believe how much I've done with it and he loved the petition too.

Here are the no particular order...

How long have you been writing music? I've been writing since the 5th grade

How did you hook up with your management team? I met the manager forJohn Mayer and she introduced me to my team, it's all good now

What does he find himself doing for GBF? Pushing and finding himself, its very inspirational to do this

Why do you want to do this? I want to inspire people and challenge themselves you have to take what life has for you

What does he want to say to the Official Street Team? I'm doing this to put out great music and for the OST to keep up the hard work, I see everything on the OST and I love the progress, even if I don't post, I'm always there reading and seeing whats going on and I love it and am so excited for it all

What inspired you to become an entertainer? Just being creative, I've always wanted to create and I love to do creative stuff, I've played the piano since 2nd grade and that's from my parents

Who's musical influences have made an impact in your life? Pink Floyd and Tom Waits, and just about anything else I listen to, I find inspiration in everything I hear

What do you do before a performance, like right before you go on stage? I go to the bathroom and get a beer (he laughs) it's true, that's what I really do

How does it feel to have your very own official Street Team? Oh my God, it feels so great it's a dream come true and it's so cool, I love it, I can't believe you're doing this for me, I don't know how to thank you but I'll find a way

How are the venues you've been playing at? They're neat and cool and very intimate, with the piano and guitar and being acoustic and all, its great

What's your favorite instrument to play? I'm partial to the piano and I've self taught myself guitar, but I'd have to say piano

How's the tour so far? I love it and I want more (laughs) yeah it's great

What are you doing in your free time? (laughs) free time, what's that? (laughs again) I had a minute and was home and hung with my friends and family. My friends and I made videos, I love to video tape stuff and make movies but that's about it

What's in your CD player now? Wow, what a great question I'm so glad you asked me that, I've been listening to Mars Volta it's rock and roll and it rocks, their old band was called At The Drive In and they're great, you've got to check `em out Can

Have you seen any good movies lately? Oh yeah, I saw 28 Days Later, and Can if you didn't see it, you have to its so good you'll love it, and I also saw Pirates of the Carribbean, that was good too, I love Johnny Depp, he's wild in it

How are you traveling to the venues? We're keeping it small and we're traveling by car, it's easier that way (I joke) no private jet yet, (he laughs), no not yet but I wish

How are the crowds at the venues? Great, they love the music

Are the fans recognizing you? Yeah, a girl came up to me in
California and asked if I was the Jesse from MTB final 25 and I said yeah that's me, but nothing else, (he laughs)

When is the CD coming out? This time next year, we're recording it in January in Los Angeles and releasing it 2004 August

Is there anything you want to tell your Street Team? Yeah, where do I start, to thank you first for creating it for me and I'm giving it all I've got to make it all work and I see everything that goes on (he stresses this again) and to keep doing what we're doing and let's try and change the world

What can your fans do for you? To keep up all the hard work, and the positive vibes coming for him

If your fans want to meet you at a show, what's the best way? To just approach me and say `hi', don't scream and jump up and down, and if I'm talking to someone, be respectful and don't interrupt, be polite and I promise to meet everyone that I can

Do you realize you have a diverse fan base from your official Street Team, like ages from 15 to mid 40's? No way, that's so cool I love it, that's great

Okay, is it shoes or cowboy boots or what now? Shoes definitely, I did the whole boot thing a while ago (his MD reference not mine) and I'm glad they're gone...(laughs)

Any new favorite foods you've found on the road? (laughs) yeah, for sure In-N-Out Burger and any sushi restaurant, I could live on sushi for the rest of my life, we're going for sushi when I'm in Chicago, I'm taking you and it's my treat (I'm all over that invite!)

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that you wear or would like? Nope, I hate jewelry I don't wear any and it bugs me

What's your favorite color of the moment? (laughs) that's tough, but I guess right now (he thinks for like 20 seconds) green, yeah green,it'll change by the end of the week (laughs again)

The 2nd GBF Street Team Interview with Candy Selby~12/5/03...

Jesse was at home hanging out while we were doing the interview...and he apologized for being so late with this interview, he's been sick and is just now getting better!! He said he needed to be healthy for the upcoming recording of the GBF CD and for the tour!

Here are the no particular order...

Have you seen how big the Street Team has grown since our last interview? I've seen all the work that everyone had done for the contest and how big it grew and it blows my mind. Even when you do a search now, you find GBF in the Internet and you didn't before, it's so cool

How are the video clips coming along for the GBF site? They'll be up soon, e have a new web designer too, and footage from the road and pictures from the road and just hanging out will be on the site; the guy who is doing the site now is great and has tons of cool ideas for GBF

Do you have a wardrobe stylist you work with to get your hot, cool look? ~laughs~ nah, it's just me, just being myself and seeing what I want to wear at the time, I won't have one when I tour either, I like to find things and wear what I want to wear

What did you think of the first GBF contest? ~sighs~ I loved it, I can't believe how GBF blossomed over the Internet and how many people are in the Street Team now

Have you had any crazy fan incidents yet? ~laughs again~ no, not yet

If you weren't a musician, where do you think your path would have taken you? That's a great question Can, Probably I'd be heavy into making movies/films, that's my passion and I love that so much

'Damn, I Wish I Wrote That Song' is a category on VH1 Awards, is there a song that you wish you'd had written? ~laughs~ where do you come up with these, I never heard of that, but I know what you're saying, and yeah, anything by Jack White, everything I love from their writing, it's great

Speaking of song writing, how is the writing going for you? ~gets very excited and I do too~ Great! I've got tons of stuff you know, it's like it flows and it's part of me, its not real if you force it and I don't have to do that, I love it

AMA's or Grammy's ~ do you have a favorite one to watch? If I had to choose, I guess I'd say the Grammy's

Where do you see GBF in 2 years? I'd love to have the 1st 

GBF CD out, doing well, touring to support it and meeting the fans, doing appearances, and also working on the 2nd GBF CD and more projects

What are you doing to prepare for the recording of the upcoming GBF CD? Nothing really special, just mentally trying to look forward to it, get rest, step back and conserve myself and be ready for the work

What would be your dream vacation? ~sighs again~ Oh New Zealand for sure, I love Lord Of The Rings and I'd love to go see New Zealand

How was your birthday? It was so long ago, it feels like forever (I remind him that it wasn't too long ago and we laugh) but it was good and a lot of fun

What is your favorite sport right now? Rugby, definitely rugby right now, my manager is really into it, and even though I don't play it, it's great to watch

Do you read your horoscope? ~laughs~ once in a while, I'm curious to see what the stars have in store for me, you never know and I'm a big believer in to see what life has in store for you

Do you have any charity or foundations close to your heart? Wow, great question again, and yeah, I want to start my own foundation like next year, for cancer, (we make a deal to work with each other since the cancer foundation/research is so important to both of us); but this year I did work with a foundation called 'Musicians On Call' and I visited kids under 18 with cancer, it was an amazing thing for them and for myself

What's on your home entertainment system? Tons of DVD's and tapes right now, I love movies and have them ready to go all the time

What's your 'must click' web site? ~laughs~ Come on, the GBF Street Team, like you had to ask me that (we both laugh hysterically) even if I don't post, I'm always reading and seeing what's going on at the Street Team

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream? Vanilla definitely

After having a really bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up? I drive in silence alone, and have time for my thoughts, what I do can get pretty noisy at times and being alone and totally quiet really helps me out

What's your favorite kind of pizza? Definitely pepperoni and banana peppers

How do you feel about reality tv?? ~laughs~ it's the worst drug in the world and I'd love to see a great sitcom back on tv, I miss those so much

If GBF or Marshall Dyllon never happened, would you have auditioned for American Idol? ~laughs totally hard~ do you know how many people have asked me that? That's so funny, but to answer you, no way ~laughs again~

What are your holiday plans? I'll be spending the holiday at home in Ohio with my family and relaxing before the big recording session

Contest winner Alice asks if given the chance to sing the National Anthem at any sports event, which sport would you choose? (I also tell Jesse that Alice is from Tiffin, Ohio and he says he knows where Tiffin is and says hey Alice in Tiffin our first shout out to Alice!!) I'd sing the Anthem at any small sports event that's not on tv, it seems that everyone is doing the Anthem now and I wouldn't want to do it like that, something small for a joe schmoe school or something with like 50 people ~laughs uncontrollably~

Contest winner Tatiana asks how was your Summer since you were so busy and what

was a highlight? The Summer was great, busy and fun, and the highlight was seeing the GBF Street Team happen, and how quick all the GBF things popped up and happened and how many people came out to support me

~Jesse now clicks over to answer his call waiting and finds out its telemarketing, we both laugh~

Jesse and I talk about the management team and about the upcoming changes to the GBF web site, they're going to be great and get ready for lots of new stuff!!! Jesse also thanks me for the time and for the great questions this time around, and hopes we can do another interview right before he heads into the studio in January 2004...and Jesse's parting words to the Official Street Team ~ keep up the good work, thank you so much for being so kind and supportive and I hope I don't let anyone down, and to please come out and see me! (heck yeah, we'll be there, supporting GBF 100% all the way)



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